Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT) was founded on May 1, 1964 as an autonomous legal entity based on a special law, on the purpose of making public radio and television broadcasting. With the constitutional amendments in 1972, the corporation was described as being an impartial public economic enterprise.

In line with the provisions of 1982 Constitution, the Law on Turkish Radio Television Corporation was amended in 1984. TRT’s monopoly on television broadcasting which lasted until 1990 ended when satellite broadcasting started drawing the attention of large masses throughout Turkey after 1986 and with the emergence of private television broadcasting for Turkish audience.

Following a constitutional amendment which paved the way for radio and television broadcasting, TRT’s autonomous status was reestablished. Today, TRT serves as a public service broadcaster, which is subject to a constitutional adjustment in terms of autonomy and impartiality, broadcasting through radio, television and all means of media tools.

Radio broadcasts that were initiated by Turkish Radio Telephone Inc. in 1927, was under TRT roof in 1964.

TV broadcasts, on the other hand, started with Turkey’s first test television broadcast on January 3, 1968.

Today, TRT extends its broadcasts to Turkey and to the whole world with 15 TV channels, 20 national, local and international radio channels, and web pages available in 41 different dialects and languages, teletext and three monthly magazines “TeleVİZYON”, RadyoVİZYON and “TRT Çocuk”.

TRT prepares also three monthly digital magazines “TRT Haber DD”, “TRTSpor” and “TRT Türk”.

TRT has 13 representation offices abroad; Cologne and Berlin in Germany, Lefkosha in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Baku in Azerbaijan, Brussels in Belgium, Washington in the USA, Cairo in Egypt, Tashkent in Uzbekistan, Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, Arbil in Iraq, Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Astana in Kazakhstan and Skopje in Macedonia. New representation offices are also going to be established in London, Kuala Lumpur and Moscow.